The Ten Commandents (also known as The Ten Commandments by the grammatically correct) are a set of rules the Clans have to follow, similar to The Warrior Code. They were given to Gleamstar by Bluestar the first time she died.

They are as followed:

  1. Thou shalt not believe in other GoIncesters,
  2. Don't make any pictures of anything and worship them. If you do, I will punish you and ur grandkits,
  3. Don't say StarClan in vain,
  4. Work for six days and worship me on one,
  5. Respect your Mom and Dad,
  6. Don't kill otters unless in battle,
  7. Don't be unfateful to your mate,
  8. Don't steal things from the other Clans,
  9. Don't lie about your neighbor,
  10. Don't be jealous of your neighbor,
  11. No being gay!


Interesting FactsEdit

  • The author probably got inspiration for The Ten Commandents from the Bible Story: The Ten Commandments.


  • In Chapter 19, after Blackstar commits swisscide (suicide) GleamStar says it is a sin, although it isn't mentioned in The Ten Commandents that committing suicide is a sin.
  • It says that there are ten Commandents, yet there is actually eleven.

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