Jayfeather & Stick

A fanart of Jayfeather & Stick by Puddincat7

Stick is mentioned when Jayfeather attempts to advise his daughter Gleamstar on how she should choose a mate.

History Edit

While Starpaw is having a mid-life-crisis, Jayfeather tells her a story to help her calm down. In the story, he mentions that he was struggling to pick a mate - the same problem Starpaw was facing. He tells her he chose Dawnsparkle over Stick because he wasn't able to procreate with an inanimate object.

Appearance Edit

It is a smooth stick of wood, with several claw markings.

Trivia Edit

  • While Jayfeather's attraction to his Stick is hinted at in the canon series, it is never out-right stated that Jayfeather is attracted to a piece of wood.