Starkit's Prophecy Two (or as the story likes to call it, STARKITS PROPHCY THE SEQCUEL) is the sequel to Starkit's Prophecy written by the same author and follows the siblings Angelpaw and Crimsonpaw.

Summary (Written by Xdark.rosesx) Edit

StarKit has precendants in ThunerCaln there names are Anglepaw and CrimsonPaw. Thers also anew CLAN caled Mappleclan theyre amde from the kiteypets and rogues of the clans and also there are cats theat dont liek there on caln. But AnglePaw aend Crsimon Paw and AL OF TUNDERLCNA DONT LIEK MAPELCALN so what wil they do about mappel clan???????

Story Edit

Stargleam and friends are looking into a pool when StarClan gives them a prophecy; “Crimson maples will block the storm’s wrath.” All of the cats rush to tell the ThunderClan medicine cat Pawstep the prophecy, but Fluffykit is skeptical of this and disappears.

The story then focuses on Quailfeather and her two new kittens. The father, Whitestar, then comes into the den and is reminded his offspring didn't have names yet. They settle on Angelkit and Crimsonkit.

But then it jumps six months into the future, where it is confirmed that what happened previously was out of Angelkit's memories. It is then said that Quailfeather and Whitestar were dead, and a queen named Moontree took Angelkit and Crimsonkit as her own. Moontree comes in with Crimsonkit and tells Angelkit they were going to become apprentices that day, and had to attend the meeting for it.

They all rush to the meeting, where the siblings hope they get good mentors. When Angelkit is renamed to Angelpaw, she gets Rainstar as a mentor. She is very happy to know this. But when Crimsonkit was renamed to Crimsonpaw, to her shock, she got Marijuanaskin as her mentor. Marijuanaskin was apparently a drug dealer according to an author's note, so Crimsonpaw ran into the woods crying where she collapsed. She was then abducted by RiverClan warriors.

The story actually ends here.

Trivia Edit

  • Starkit's Prophecy 2 was deleted off of Fanfiction.FIM before Xdark.rosesx was able to finish it.
  • This is the first story where the main character isn't Starkit.
  • It is also the first story where Jazzie-Kun isn't the editor.