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Starkit's Prophecy Wiki is the Wiki about the infamous Warrior Cats fanfiction: "Starkit's Prophecy". Starkit's Prophecy is renowned by many as one of the worst fanfictions ever, though there is speculation that it was written by a troll or as a joke. There are spelling errors in almost every sentence; Starkit is purple with rainbow or orange eyes, depending on the chapter; she overuses unprofessional-sounding words like "kawaii", and many cats who already have mates fall in love with her, even after she finds a mate of her own. Oh, and she is Jayfeather's kit, and her mom is some ShadowClan cat that converted, who when first mentioned isn't called by her actual name. Need I say more? Go check it out for yourself if you can read through all the errors. Anyone can edit, we need more images, more pages, and a universal page style.

Warning: the fanfiction is written to be very religious, calls the viewers Satanists, contains a mention of rape, and is very much homophobic, then does an flip when the author comes out as lesbian, andwith the fact that Starkit loudly curses in a chapter close to the end. be warned when you read it. IT is cringey and can make you feel bad

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