SatanClan is the Clan for the gay and lesbian cats. The leader is likely Satanclaw, as it was probably named after him.

The known members are:

  • Flamepaw
  • Ashpaw
  • Hawkfrost
  • Lakepool
  • Redfur
  • Satanclaw.

In Chapter 28, Flamepaw joins SatanClan.

In Chapter 30, Satanclaw attacks Starpaw. In that same chapter, Starpaw learns she is expecting kits. In some chapter the user who wrote this doesn't know, she announces that being gay is no longer a sin, so everyone leaves SatanClan.

What happens to Satanclaw is unknown. Also, in the fight against the sisters, Satanclaw drags Lakepool away to HellClan, so that may mean he has connections in both Clans. How this works is unknown.