There are many horrible yet funny quotes in the trollfic, Starkit's Prophecy.


•"There is a prophecy!" She said, "Out of the darkness, stars will come and get rid of the evil Tiger and Holly."

--Bluestar in the Prologue

•Starkit woke up and sunlight was in the branches


•Just because her mom used to be a ShadowClan cat and her dad was Jayfeather, the medicine cat, didn't mean she was different!

--Starkit's Thoughts in Chapter 1

•Lol i update fast don't i? Review or ill hit you over the head with a frying pan XDD

--xdark.rosesx's author note in Chapter 1

•Was she really special like the prophecy meowed? --Starkit's thoughts in Chapter 2

•"Starpaw's so kawaii, look at her eyes and her fur."

--Firestar's thoughts in Chapter 3

•They trained for a while more. Starpaw beat Firestar 8 more times. Once she let him win to make him feel better, and by the last win, she was a little tired.

--Narrator on Starpaw's first training session

•She loved Starpaw (NOT IN THAT WAY U SICKOS)

--Narrator on Jazzpaw and xdark.rosesx on her relationship with Starpaw

•FLAMERS UR ALL SATANISTS!!!1!! anyone who doesn't liek the story is a Satanist because starpaw has such a strong connection with starclan and that's why you don't like it, it's cause u don't like GEEZUS

--Author's Note

•Greystripe looked at her. "Will you be my mate?" He asked. "Omigosh, Greystripe! That's so nice!" Starpaw screamed, "But Firestar already asked me."

--Starpaw to Graystripe

•"What are you trying to do? Molest me?!"

--Starpaw to Blackstar

•"Well then, let me tell you a story," said Jayfeather, and he sat down. "Once upon a time there were a few cats that I licked." "Who were they?!" said Starpaw, sniffing."Their names were Dawnsparkle...and stick." Said Jayfeather

--Jayfeather telling Starpaw his story.

•And then, she turned into...A BARE!"GASP!" Gasped everyone! It was a bear!

--Narrator and Everyone

•"IMA SHAPSHITTER!" Said Hollyleaf joyously.

--Hollyleaf on her canon-defiling powers

•With a roar like a volcano erection she jumped at Stargleam.

--Narrator on Hollyleaf

•Everyone jumped at the hoe-bear.

--Narrator on the reaction to Hollyleaf's "Shap-shitting" powers

•"NO! Nuhstreet!" She thought madly.


•Stargleam! I will get you for this!" said Lakepaw as Satanclaw dragged her away to HellClan. He was wearing pink nail polish.

--Narrator and Lakepaw

•And he held out... SOME JEW!

--Narrator on Tigerstar

•StarStar ahd HolyLeaf pined down when suddenly... SHE FELT A MOVIE INSIDE HER!

--Narrator on Stargleam realizing she was expecting kits

-" Nuuuiu! said starstargkeampaw. Loinblakes wuz ded! It wuz al Tiggerstars fulT!

--Starstar on Lionblaze's death

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