"its oyak StarGleam. I doe for you. it makes me gay whit hapyness."

-Lionblaze to Gleamstar right before his deathLionblaze is Jayfeather and Hollyleaf's brother.

Role Edit

Lionblaze is first taken on the patrol to get back Firestar. When Lakepool was running toward him, Stargleam runs and attacks her, saving Lionblaze's life.

Before the leader ceremony, Stargleam makes Lionblaze deputy and instructs him to take the Clan back to the camp, which he does.

After the leader ceremony, Gleamstar sends Lionblaze on a patrol to ShadowClan, to tell Blackstar that she is the leader now.

The day after that, Hollyleaf and Tigerstar attack the camp. Hollyleaf turns into a fox and lunges at Gleamstar. But Lionblaze sacrifices himself for her, and he dies. But before that, he tells Gleamstar that it was okay.

He's never mentioned again.

Appearance Edit

Lionblaze is a muscular, golden-brown tabby tom with amber eyes. He has thick fur and thick fluff ringing around his neck.

Trivia Edit

  • Lionblaze appears to have lost his powers in this story, which is evidenced twice.
  • He hasn't had an apprentice yet, but he became the deputy.

Kin Edit


Lakepool: Dead, Verified StarClan member


Crowfeather: Dead, Verified StarClan member


Squirrelflight: Living


Brambleclaw: Dead, Verified StarClan member


Hollyleaf: Dead, Unknown residence


Jayfeather: Living


Dawnsparkle: Living


Tigerstar: Dead, Unknown Residence


Flamepelt (Jayfeather): Living

Lakepool (Jayfeather): Living

Gleamstar (Jayfeather/Tigerstar): Dead, Verified StarClan member

Rainstar (Tigerstar): Living


Redfur (Lakepool): Living

Jazzstar (Gleamstar): Living


Nightrain (Flamepelt): Living


Firekit (Gleamstar): Living


Fluffykit (Gleamstar): Dead, Verified StarClan member

Tigerkit (Gleamstar): Dead, Unknown residence

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