— Hollyleaf revealing her powers in Chapter Ten The Recluse

Hollyleaf is a black she-cat with holly-green eyes. In the story, she is a member of the Dark Forest.

Personality Edit

Hollyleaf is considered an evil cat. She doesn't have much personality besides that. She learns from her mistakes apparently, as she realized that Gleamstar wouldn't be defeated so easily.

Synopsis Edit

Hollyleaf is first mentioned in a prophecy as the holly. "Out of the darkness, stars will come and get rid of the evil tiger and holly."

She first appears when she orders WindClan to attack. They don't attack, and they aren't even there. She kills Jayfeather in one shot with a gun. She then grabs Firestar and takes him away. She goes and hides behind a boulder. She is found by Stargleam's patrol, and she subsequently turns into a bear, revealing that she is a shapeshifter.

After several events occur without her presence, she possesses a dead Lakepool and runs at Lionblaze. For some reason, Lakepool is dragged away to HellClan by Satinclaw. She then runs away.

She attacks Stargleam again after she becomes leader at the ThunderClan camp.

After that, she and Tigerstar take a break of being evil and have Stargleam reincarnated in ThunderClan. A few seconds later, they fight StarClan and leave, revealing that she and Tigerstar were indeed evil.

After that, she lives in Tigerstar's hideout near the lake, taking the form of a mongoose. She attacks Stargleam when she comes to rescue Tigerkit. After Stargleam becomes evil and then betrays the evil cats, killing Tigerstar, she reveals that she is going to take over the forest with Tigerkit. After fulfilling her prophecy, Hollyleaf is killed, along with Tigerkit and Tigerstar for about the sixth time.



Tigerstar (deceased, residence unknown)


Gleamstar (deceased, verified StarClan member)

Rainstar (living)


Tigerkit (deceased, residence unknown)

Fluffykit (deceased, verified StarClan member)


Firekit (living)

Trivia Edit

  • Hollyleaf is evil because, at the time the story was written, X.darkroses.x hadn't read The Fourth Apprentice yet.
    • This most likely also the reason why Hollyleaf has powers.
  • Hollyleaf's power is being a shapeshifter. (Or as the story wants to call it, "shapshitter")
  • Throughout the span of the story, she has been mistakenly called:
    • Holyleaf
    • Holyleaf
    • Hollypaw
    • Holylefa
    • Holylesf
    • Holyleafthe
    • Ollyleaf
    • Holykeaf
    • Holylef
    • Hol;eaf
    • Hollylea
    • Hollylaffs
    • Hollylefa
    • Hollyfale

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