Hawkfrost is one of Gleamstar's love interests.

Synopsis Edit

Hawkfrost is introduced when Stargleam attacks Tigerstar and fails. He falls in love with her at first sight and proceeds to attack Tigerstar, but his efforts are in vain as Stargleam dies anyway.

When Gleamstar is receiving her nine lives, she has a vision that Hollyleaf and Tigerstar take over the Clans, but Hawkfrost;

"their was a cat suruonded by a godlen lite!1!1! It was… HACKFROST! He made all the bad stuff disapare."

While Gleamstar tries to convince herself that she doesn't love him, she admits it almost immediately.

During the battle, Gleamstar tries to make Hawkfrost leave but he refuses and stays to help, even though the battle ended just then. The next day, Gleamstar decides that they should get married. He agrees. They go to the Gathering, where the marriage starts, but Gleamstar gets killed by lightning.

In StarClan, Gleamstar sees Hawkfrost and tries to communicate, but while looking for her, he walks into a tree.

When reincarnated, Hawkfrost becomes Starpaw's mentor. The day after, Ashpaw proposes to Starpaw, and she accepts, but Hawkfrost attacks him, for Hawkfrost wants to become her mate. However, Ashpaw and Hawkfrost accidentally kiss. Starpaw runs off, but when she comes back, the two continued to make out. Angry, Starpaw banishes them.

They make SatanClan, which, presumably, combines with the Dark Forest.

The last time we hear of Hawkfrost, he becomes deputy of ThunderClan and mates with Jazzstar.

Love Interests Edit

  • Gleamstar was his former mate, but she died before anything could happen between the two of them.
  • Jazzstar becomes Hawkfrost's 2nd mate, as briefly mentioned in the epilogue. It is stated that Jazzstar is going to bear his kits.

Family Edit


Jazzstar (Active)

Former mate:

Gleamstar (Deceased, Verified StarClan resident)


Fluffykit, (Deceased, Verified StarClan resident)

Tigerkit (Deceased, whereabouts unknown)


Firekit (Alive)


Lakepool (Alive)

Flamepelt (Alive)


Dawnsparkle (Alive)


Jayfeather (Alive)

Trivia Edit

  • In the story, he acts very out of character from the real Hawkfrost.

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