Warning: This article contains major spoilers for StarKit's Prophecy.


StarGleam, as drawn by Shimmerspirit on DeviantArt

Gleamstar (Also known as Starstar) is the protagonist of Starkit's Prophecy and is considered one of the biggest Mary Sues in fanfiction, probably because she breaks practically all laws of canon and genetics.


Gleamstar is a sparkling, [1] purple she-cat with molten orange eyes, [2] long claws, [3] and a perfect white star on her forehead. [4]

History Edit

Starkit was born to Jayfeather and Dawnsparkle. She is later apprenticed to Firestar and becomes a warrior in 3.14 days with the name Stargleam (though sometimes is called Starkit and Starpaw in the narration).

Stargleam dies while trying to defeat Tigerstar but is sent back to the Clans by StarClan with The Ten Commandments. Stargleam delivers the Commandments to the Clans at the gathering and Firestar is so intimidated by her charisma that he decides to leave ThunderClan and let her be leader instead, despite Brambleclaw being deputy.

Stargleam is given nine lives and renamed Gleamstar but later is killed while getting married to Hawkfrost, even though she should've still had eight remaining lives.

She is reincarnated as Starkit. It is mentioned many times that Starkit dislikes the prospect of being gay, but she learns to overcome her discriminatory behavior and later becomes mates with Jazzstar. Starkit has kits with Jazzstar and, when the Dark Forest attack, sacrifices herself to save ThunderClan.

Love Interests Edit

Gleamstar's first love interests were Firestar, Graystripe, and Blackstar. She then moves on to Hawkfrost, who she was engaged to before dying. Ashkit was a love interest for a short time before he was caught making out with Hawkfrost. In later chapters, when the author decided she was a lesbian, Jazzsong became Gleamstar's mate, even though being gay was established to be against the Ten Commandments. Later in death she married a dog named Jeff. Jeff is a Gary Stu from the series Survivors which is also written by Erin Hunter.


Mates: Firestar (previously), Graystripe (unofficially), Blackstar (unofficially), Hawkfrost (previously), Ashkit(previously), Jazzsong (Living) [5]

Kits: Tigerkit (Deceased), [6] Fluffykit (Deceased), [7] Firekit (Living) [8]

Parents: Dawnsparkle (Living), [9] Jayfeather (Living) [10]

Siblings: Flamepelt (Living), [11] Lakepool (Living) [12]


Interesting FactsEdit

  • Even though Gleamstar is not a very liked character, she and her book have grown a huge following over the years, getting her own animated series (by YouTube user Moonkitti) and appearing in her own Multi Animator Projects.
  • Although she is confirmed to have powers, it is never stated what those powers are.
  • It is thought that Gleamstar is a self-insert of the author, xdark.rosesx.
  • Gleamstar is made a warrior at only 6 Moons, 3.14 Days old. [13]
  • Gleamstar became mates with Jazzstar, another she-cat and also had kits with her, which should be impossible. [14]
  • Gleamstar is reincarnated twice (if you count the time she descends from StarClan).


  • In the Alliances, Gleamstar is described as being a greyish-blue and purple cat.
  • In Chapter Four, Gleamstar is said to have rainbow eyes.
  • Gleamstar has been called many different names over the span of the fanfic.


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