"But dos it really mater? i mean im by so it realy doesnot" ~Flamepelt and sexuality 

Appearance Edit

Flamepelt is a fire-colored she-cat with one green eye and one blue eye. She bears a similar appearance to Firestar, apart from her eyes.

History Edit

She is first mentioned in Chapter 2, where she and her sister Lakepaw are in the apprentice's den before the battle.

When they are rescuing Firestar from Hollyleaf, Flamepaw comes along and is the first to attack Hollyleaf. However, Hollyleaf notices and prepares to attack her. Lakepaw jumps in front of Flamepaw in an attempt to save her. It works, but Lakepaw dies in the process. Flamepaw, saddened by the death, takes Lakepaw's body back to camp. However, Lakepaw becomes possessed, and assumingly she gets attacked by Lakepaw but survives.

In the next scene, when Tigerstar attempts to give her Deathberries, Flamepaw exclaims that they won't work because there is a lizard on it. But the lizard runs off, so it works, as she exclaims.

She is mentioned briefly as going on a patrol to the WindClan border.

In Chapter 27, she talks to Starpaw, in which she reveals that she is bisexual. Starpaw and Nightrain are shocked that she is and insists that she can't be since it's against The Ten Commandents. She doesn't care and joins the evil cats.

She isn't mentioned any further than that.

Kin Edit


Nightrain: Living


Dawnsparkle: Living


Jayfeather: Living


Lakepool: Living

Gleamstar: Dead, Verified StarClan member


Redfur: Living

Jazzstar: Living


Firekit: Living


Fluffykit: Dead, Verified StarClan member

Tigerkit: Dead, Residence unknown


Featherpaw: Living


Rainstar: Living

Trivia Edit

  • It is thought she can teleport, since she got from her original position to the battle site, with no mention of her running.
  • When Lakepaw dies, she admits she has never been out of the camp before, even though she is older than Stargleam who has been out of camp numerous times even when she was a kit.
  • She is mistakenly called LaFlamepaw.

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