Art of Firekit by a fan

"and the onrge one wil be FireKit,"

 -Gleamstar naming her kits

Firekit is one of the kits of StarGleamStar and Jazzstar.

Role Edit

Despite being one of Gleamstar's kits, she is only mentioned a couple of times. The first time was when Gleamstar was thinking of names for her kits, and when she and her siblings were fighting Ashpaw.

Appearance Edit

Firekit is a pure-orange she-cat with emerald-green eyes. She is said to look very similar to Firestar.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only kit of Stargleamstar and Jazzstar that is currently alive.
  • Firekit is the offspring of Stargleamstar and Jazzstar, despite the fact that they're both female.
  • Despite all Stargleamstar's kin being major characters, Firekit is only directly mentioned twice.
  • It's possible Firekit is still alive because X.darkroses.x forgot about her when writing the story.

Kin Edit


Gleamstar: Dead, Verified StarClan member

Father (technically):

Jazzstar: Living


Fluffykit: Dead, Verified StarClan member

Tigerkit: Dead, Unknown residence


Featherpaw (Fluffykit): Living


Rainstar (Tigerkit): Living


Lakepool: Living

Redfur: Living

Flamepelt: Living


Nightrain: Living


Dawnsparkle: Living


Jayfeather: Living

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