"Now leve befor we cal in FeatherPaw"

-Rainstar, to Fluffykit

Featherpaw is Fluffykit's boyfriend.

Role Edit

Featherpaw is first mentioned when Rainstar threatens to bring him out to fight Gleamstar. Fluffykit is shocked since Featherpaw is his boyfriend. Rainstar snorts and flaunts her sexuality, which causes for her and Fluffykit to argue for a moment.

Featherpaw is mentioned in the final battle for a moment when x.darkroses.x is listing off the cats who are fighting.

Appearance Edit

Featherpaw's character description is currently unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Featherpaw is mentioned twice within the story, with no context whatsoever.
  • It is unknown what Featherpaw can do, but seems to have some power; Rainstar threatens to call in Featherpaw to help destroy Starpaw.
  • Like other characters, he is not mentioned in the Alliances.

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