A fan-drawing of Dawnsparkle

Spoiler Warning: Plot and/ or ending details follow.

Dawnsparkle is Gleamstar's mother.


Dawnsparkle is a pretty, white, tortoiseshell she-cat with soft fur and sparkling, gargantuan, blue eyes.

History Edit

She was born in ShadowClan but eventually became a ThunderClan warrior. After joining Dawnsparkle fell in love with Jayfeather, ThunderClan's medicine cat, and she later had his kits. One of them was Starkit. During Starkit's apprentice ceremony she seemed to be nervous and reminded her kit that Clans don't accept cats like them.

Love Interests Edit

Jayfeather is the mate of Dawnsparkle, despite the fact that Jayfeather is a medicine cat and medicine cats are forbidden to have children. In a chapter it is said Jayfeather saw something in Dawnsparkle's eyes, yet it is still unknown what he saw.

Trivia Edit

  • She is also known as 'Butter Mom' after a typo in Chapter One.
  • There is no context or explanation whatsoever on why Dawnsparkle or Weaselpelt left ShadowClan.
  • Jayfeather couldn't have seen something in Dawnsparkle's eyes, because he can't see at all.



Jayfeather: Living


Gleamstar: Deceased, verified StarClan member

Flamepelt: Living

Lakepool: Living


Fluffykit: Deceased, verified StarClan member

Tigerkit: Deceased, whereabouts unknown


Firekit: Living

Bluekit: living

Starkit: living