A fanart of Ashfur by Riverspirit456

Ashfur is a gray tom with blue eyes and dark spots.

Role Edit

Ashfur is a Dark Forest cat and gets reborn along with Gleamstar in Chapter Twenty-one. He wishes to be her mate for a little while until he is caught making out with Hawkfrost. Afterward, he kidnaps Tigerkit for Tigerstar. It is unknown what happens to him next.

Trivia Edit

Interesting Facts Edit

  • While in this story he is in the Dark Forest, in the actual series he goes to StarClan.
  • He creates SatinClan with Hawkfrost, which is actually the Dark Forest.

Mistakes Edit

  • He has been mistakenly called AssKit, Ashfuru, AshFurtk, AshPaw, and AsgKit.
  • He has been called Ashkit as an apprentice, Ashpaw as a kit, Ashkit as a warrior, and Asfur as an apprentice.